Week 4 – 2016

There were a few software updates this week Paladin updated to version 6.08 with a few bug fixes. The release notes explain that they fixed a sporadic memory leak when imaging/verifying EWF and also removed an option for segmenting forensic images. I’m not entirely sure what the current forensic practices they’re referring too but will have […]

Week 3 – 2016

Super busy week this week! Here we go Berla updated their car infotainment analysis software with a host of new features. A majority of the updates appear to relate to usability, data presentation and formatting. There’s also updates to data parsing for Ford Sync Gen1V5 and Toyota. Beta versions of the iVe Mobile and Connect software […]

Week 2 – 2016

1. Cru-Inc announced their USB3 usb write blockers. Imaging USB drives and hard drives at usb3 speed is a must; having tried to image 2TB external drives with USB2, I can honestly say this added speed bump will definitely help. Introducing the WiebeTech USB 3.0 WriteBlocker 2. A colleague of mine has started a blog. Hes […]