Support The Project

There are many ways to support this project!

I do spend a lot of time on it to help save everyone else the effort, so all efforts to help either spread the word, or give a little back, are greatly appreciated!

Donations You can donate any amount, and everything is appreciated.
Donations over $12 get you the show notes for the podcast if you want them.
Patreon The value-for-value model
I’ve been mainly using this for the podcast show notes.
For $1 a month (or more if you really want, but it’s not necessary) you get the links mentioned in the podcast as well as the time codes. Referral I recommend people create their own presence online.
I like WordPress, but you can also use other sites such as Blogger, Squarespace, or even ask Devon to host you on AboutDFIR.
If you pay for a domain, or even add Jetpack/WooCommerce to your existing WordPress instance through the affiliate link I get a small commission
Tell a friend! Lots of people still don’t know about the site, but those that do seem to enjoy it.
Review the podcast Leave a rating, leave a review
Referral Codes Happy to speak to vendors/conferences about referral codes
Dave’s suggestion Alternatively, Dave Cowen has suggested I offer to place company posts higher up in the sections listing for a fee.
If this appeals to your company then get in touch as I’m considering it.
As a general note: The only preferential treatment is that the posts will be at the top of the section for a period of time. Nothing more.