I run this site in my spare time, and hopefully, people have found it useful.

I don’t really like asking for anything in return, outside of people sending me their brand new sites once they set them up (with dated articles and an RSS feed please).

However, I have been asked to offer up one-time donations for those that want to help that way. I like Troy Hunt’s model for haveibeenpwned so thought I’d go that route.


$4 Coffee! How did I function without it?
flat-glass-of-beer $7 Or a beer!
patreon_logo_05_1_by_darkvanessalust-daw38zq $12 Patreon for a year!
cutlery-logo-clipart $40 Dinner with my wife – She’s very patient with me and understands sometimes I’m going to be staying home on the weekend to make sure I get through everything
1200px-wordpress_blue_logo-svg $50 Hosting for the website
feedly-logo-300x300 $65 Feedly Pro saves me a bucketload of time due to the IFTTT integration
??? ??? Enter your own amount. Don’t be silly

The Patreon for the podcast will still keep going. If you make a donation above the “Patreon” donation and want the show notes from the podcast, add your email to the payment.