Week 44 – 2022

CyberJunnkiePrintNightmare : Memory forensics and Network forensics challenge -> Letsdefend Derek EiriExploring AI Assisted Picture Categorization with Magnet Forensics AXIOM and X-Ways Forensics with Excire, Re: Weapons Digital Forensics MyanmarDisk Scan (OR) Low Level Enumeration  (FAT File System) Erik Hjelmvik at NetresecWhat is a PCAP file? ForensafeInvestigating VirtualBox Haircutfish TryHackMe Volatility — Task 2 Obtaining Memory Samples Secure […]

Week 43 – 2022

Krzysztof Gajewski at CyberDefNerdThe $MFT flag that you have never considered before – OneDrive not synchronized files. Mohamed Labib at DetectiveStringsMay svchosts guid you Domiziana FotiLetsDefend- SOC 175- PowerShell Found in Requested URL-Microsoft Exchange Server… ForensafeInvestigating FileZilla Fox-ITI’m in your hypervisor, collecting your evidence InfoSec Write-upsPylirt — Python Linux Incident Response Toolkit Md. Abdullah Al MamunMy Recent […]

Week 42 – 2022

John Lukach at 4n6irAmazon Linux Triage for Anyone and Everyone ArcPointGetting started with ALEAPP | ArcPoint Forensics Cyrill Brunschwiler at Compass SecurityTutorial on how to Approach Typical DFIR Cases with Velociraptor ForensafeInvestigating Ouick Access Harel Segev at ‘RAT In Mi Kitchen’The Forensic Value of the (Other) WSH Registry Key Lina Lau at InversecosHow to Investigate […]

Week 41 – 2022

Andre Maccarone and John Ailes at AonAmazon Web Services: Exploring the Cost of Exfil CERT-SE CTF2022CERT-SE CTF2022 CyberJunnkieIncident Response LetsDefend : Detecting Web App attack and detecting persistence Forensafe Investigating LogMeIN Investigating ExpressVPN Kathryn HedleyWindows 11 Time Rules Magnet ForensicsSRUM: Forensic Analysis of Windows System Resource Utilization Monitor Carl Purser at OpenTextApple property list parsing with […]

Week 40 – 2022

Chris Vance at ‘D20 Forensics’ iOS 16 Breaking Down the Biomes Part 2 – AppInstalls, AppLaunch, & AppIntents iOS 16 – Breaking Down the Biomes (Part 3) – Keeping up with CarPlay iOS 16 – Breaking Down the Biomes (Part 4) – Surfin’ with Safari iOS 16 – Breaking Down the Biomes Part 5 — […]