Week 52 – 2016

Last post of the year! Happy New Year peoples. Hope everyone’s holiday/break has been restful. I’m going to take a short break for the rest of the year and be back for Week 1 2017 😉 SOFTWARE UPDATES Michael Hale Ligh has announced the release of Volatility 2.6. “This release improves support for Windows 10 […]

2016 Wrap Up

Since I started in Week 2 of this year I figured I should do an additional post to take it up to 52 total for the year. Here are a few things I’ve learned about blogging and things I’ve noticed. You’ve read it all before elsewhere, but now it’s coming from me 🙂 First off […]

Week 51 – 2016

Posting a little earlier this week because of the holiday. Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Festivus! Here is my present to you 🙂 SOFTWARE UPDATES Phil Harvey updated ExifTool to version 10.37 (development release) adding support for new tags and additional information, as well as bug fixes and minor improvements. Dec. 19, 2016 – Version […]

Week 50 – 2016

Much busier week this week. I think this is my longest post so far. Looks like everyone’s gearing up for the holidays so they’re posting everything now. I’ll be posting slightly earlier for the next couple weeks because the holidays fall on days I don’t want to spend working. Enjoy! SOFTWARE UPDATES Didier Stevens updated two […]

Week 49 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES Mark Woan has released new versions of his autorun logger (UI v1.0.4 and Server v1.0.9) with “Fairly major changes such as shows linked Autoruns, can hide/acknowledge alerts”. Mark advises that it’s “best to drop the database and then recreate with the new schema”. UI Release, Server Release Didier Stevens updated his Python script […]

Week 48 – 2016

Big week for tool releases and malware analysis this week! SOFTWARE UPDATES Didier Stevens updated two of his scripts Xor-kpa was updated to version 0.0.4 adding “the option -x to encode/decode, and also prints the hexadecimal value of the found keys”. Update: xor-kpa.py Version 0.0.4 PDF-Parser was updated to version 0.6.6 to fix a bug. […]