Week 21 – 2023

Lee Whitfield has announced the finalists for this years Forensic 4cast awards. Thanks for everyone that nominated this site for Resource of the Year.Forensic 4:cast Awards 2023 – Voting is now open! ThinkDFIRCPY JMP Brian Maloney at Malware MaloneyOneDrive Evolution ForensafeInvestigating Remote Desktop Connection Event Logs ForensicXlab📦 Volatility3 Windows Plugin : KeePass Invictus Incident ResponseImporting […]

Week 20 – 2023

Hexordia What’s brewing with IPAs – Working with IPA files for Forensic Examiners Cloud Storage & Digital Forensic Evidence David Spreadborough at AmpedClosed-Box CCTV Acquisition Using Storage Media Emre Caglar Hosgor at BelkasoftIncident Response with Belkasoft by Emre Caglar Hosgor, SOC Analyst—Specially for Belkasoft Blake Regancheckm8 to SSH Chuan-lun (Johnson) ChouFinding messages in Anonymous Chat […]

Week 19 – 2023

Chris Doman at Cado SecurityDFIR with KAPE and Cado Community Edition Darren LimForensic Analysis of Jami for Android, a Peer-to-Peer Messaging Application Decrypting a DefenseAI & Photography, NYC Council Hearing, Geofence Warrants, Search Warrant Returns, & More Michael Hamm at Digital CorporaCIRCL Forensics Exercises Haider at HK_Dig4nsicsiOS Shortcuts InfoSec Write-upsBlackEnergy Memory Forensic Ananlysis Invictus Incident […]