Week 43 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES Didier Stevens updated his virustotal-search Python script to version 0.1.4,  now accepting input from standard input. Update: virustotal-search.py Version 0.1.4 Cellebrite updated UFED Physical analyser to version 5.3.6, adding support for iOS 10.1 backups, as well as various bug fixes. UFED PHYSICAL ANALYZER 5.3.6 HAS BEEN RELEASED Autopsy was updated to version 4.2.0 […]

Week 42 – 2016

Publishing slightly earlier this week due to university commitments, anything else published today will get rolled into next week’s post. SOFTWARE UPDATES Didier Stevens updated oledump.py to version 0.0.25, adding “a couple of new options (–decoderdir and –plugindir) and a bugfix”. Update: oledump.py Version 0.0.25 Didier also updated his cut-bytes.py Python script to version 0.0.4, […]

Week 41 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES Comae Technologies have released an update to their memory toolkit product (dumpit), currently at version This update includes bug fixes and feature improvements including the “auto-generation of a .json file in the same folder of the memory snapshot”. Magnet Forensics have updated Axiom to version 1.0.6. The update adds support for recovering […]

Week 40 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES ExifTool was updated version 10.29 (development release), adding new tags and updates to various options. ExifTool 10.29 DME Forensics released an update to DVR Examiner (version 1.26.0), adding “additional filesystems, as well as a few small improvements and bug fixes.” DVR Examiner 1.26.0 Elcomsoft updated their Cloud Explorer product to version 1.20.14403. Oleg […]

Week 39 – 2016

I would like to mention that my site is not a replacement for reading the actual material. I just write a brief summary of the article (or just mention it) and use the site search when I need to jog my memory. Anyone that would like me to stop covering their blog, or would like to […]