Week 16 – 2016

Week 16! Software updates Magnet Forensics updated IEF to version 6.7.7. It’s important to note that this version no longer works on 32-bit Windows.  This version contains improvements to SQL database searches, adds support for iOS 8/9 SMS/MMS, Shareaza library files, history and bookmarks in the iOS Dolphin and Puffin Browsers, Android TextNow and Textfree […]

Week 15 – 2016

Week 15! Software updates Oxygen Forensics updated their Detective product to version 8.3.1. The new version adds physical acquisition for newer Samsung Galaxy devices, improves support for certain Blackberry, iOS and Android apps, extracts information about Wi-Fi connections from Windows Phone devices and small interface and usability improvements have been made to the inbuilt mapping […]

Week 14 – 2016

Week 14! Software updates Tz works released their March update last week. Several of their tools were updated including jmp, pf, vssenum, cafae,  as well as various bug fixes. The updates were as follows: – Jump List Parsing – jmp (version 0.38)- updated to support Win10 jumplists – Prefetch Parsing – pf (version 1.16) – […]

Week 13 – 2016

Week 13 Software updates X-ways 17.4 SR8 has been released with minor improvements and bug fixes X-Ways Forensics 18.7 SR-8 Craig Wilson updated NetAnalysis to version 2.4 and HstEx to version 4.4. “This release brings support for Google Chrome’s History Provider Cache and Network Action Predictors, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge Typed URLs and Bookmarking […]