Week 9 – 2023

Rushed last week and didn’t include Lee Whitfield’s post notifying the community that nominations for the 2023 Forensic 4Cast Awards is now open. Emi Polito at AmpedLearn How to Remove Sensitive Audio in Amped Replay: Ready, Steady, Redact! Amr AshrafRansomeWare Investigation Oleg Afonin at Elcomsoft Password Recovery and Data Decryption: Getting Around and About Right […]

Week 8 – 2023

David Spreadborough at AmpedIntroduction to CCTV Acquisition Dany at DigitellaExploitation Kit Network Traffic Investigation Forensafe Investigating Windows F-Secure Investigating Windows OpenVPN Magnet ForensicsUnderstanding Messages in Apple’s Cloud & Processing Warrant Returns Paolo Dal Checco at Studio d’Informatica ForenseManuale ENFSI per l’analisi dell’autenticità delle registrazioni digitali John Lukach at 4n6irNew Amazon Linux Triage Detection Adam Todd […]

Week 7 – 2023

Aditya PratapAcquisition & Analysis for Apple Devices Amanda Berlin at BlumiraWhat Are Event Logs and Why Do They Matter Cado Security and Invictus Incident ResponseCase Study Continued: Responding to an Attack in AWS Digital Forensics Myanmar eCDFP Module (5) File System Analysis (Part-12)  (NTFS File System Analysis) eCDFP Module (5) File System Analysis (Part-13)  (NTFS […]

Week 6 – 2023

Adam Cohen Hillel at Cado SecurityCado + GPT-3: Interactive Incident Response Digital Forensics Myanmar SQLite Database  Forensics (Note) eCDFP Module (5) File System Analysis (Part-11)  (NTFS File System Analysis) Doug Metz at Baker Street ForensicsKAPE batch mode, ARM Memory, updates to CSIRT-Collect, and all the things I learned along the way. Oleg Afonin at ElcomsoftForensically […]