Week 39 – 2021

Irfan Shakeel at AT&T CybersecurityNetwork traffic analysis using Wireshark Amina Zilic at BinalyzeAugust 2021 Binalyze Product Updates Dr. Neal Krawetz at ‘The Hacker Factor Blog’The Bayer Method Elcomsoft How to Put an iOS Device with Broken Buttons in DFU Mode Cloud Forensics: the New Reality Forensafe Investigating Thunderbird Windows Application Investigating RecentDocs MRU Inginformatico Reto […]

Week 38 – 2021

Cado SecurityThe Ultimate Guide to Docker & Kubernetes Forensics Dr. Neal Krawetz at ‘The Hacker Factor Blog’With Strings Attached Oleg Afonin at ElcomsoftForensic Implications of Sleep, Hybrid Sleep, Hibernation, and Fast Startup in Windows 10 Forensafe Investigating AmCache Investigating Foxit Reader InginformaticoReto forense losprys I — Presentación, herramientas y técnicas Junhyeong Lee at Plainbit [TIP#1] Microsoft defender […]

Week 37 – 2021

ArcPoint ForensicsmacOS Forensic Artifacts BelkasoftSignal decryption with Belkasoft X Cado SecurityYour Questions Answered: Cloud & Kubernetes Memory Forensics Forensafe Investigating Shellbags Investigating Opera Web Browser Shusei Tomonaga at JPCERT/CCHow to Use Volatility 3 Offline Magnet ForensicsAnatomy of A Ransomware Investigation Rory WagnerPart 1: Memory and Volatility Security Onion Quick Malware Analysis: malware-traffic-analysis.net data exfiltration exercise […]

Week 36 – 2021

eCrimeLabs“Analysis of competing hypotheses” to the rescue in incident response cases Erik Hjelmvik at NetresecCarving Packets from Memory Forensafe Investigating Facebook Messenger Windows Application Investigating Logon Banner Andrea Canepa at Zena ForensicsMcAFuse – open source McAfee FDE decryption Mike Cohen at VelocidexEvent Tracing For Windows Oxygen ForensicsGeoData Security Onion Quick Malware Analysis: malware-traffic-analysis.net BazaCall-BazaLoader pcap […]

This Month In 4n6 – August – 2021

A monthly wrap-up of the DFIR news for August 2021. Thank you to those Patreon donors for the last month. This project takes a lot of time, so it’s very much appreciated that people see enough value in it to contribute back 🙂 If you are a Patreon donor the show notes will be found here. Special […]