Week 21 – 2018

FORENSIC ANALYSIS Hideaki Ihara at the Port 139 blog deletes some items out of the Win10 Timeline and shows that these events remain in the timeline database for a period (of unknown length) after the deletion. It would be good if he was to check the deleted records after a week or two and see […]

Week 20 – 2018

One more week of (vendor) campaigning for the Forensic 4Cast Awards! This will be my last mention of it before the actual awards, so if you haven’t already, head over here to vote! Magnet Forensics lists a few reasons why they deserve the Phone forensic tool of the year. 5 Reasons Magnet AXIOM Is Forensic […]

Week 19 – 2018

  Magnet Forensics wrote a blog post reminding you to go and vote in the Forensic 4Cast Awards. Only a couple more weeks till voting closes! 3 Reasons to Vote Magnet Forensics for Forensic 4:cast Digital Forensic Organization of the Year Brett Shavers at DFIR.Training shared some stats for the site, as well as asked […]

Week 18 – 2018

FORENSIC ANALYSIS Matt at ‘Bit of Hex’ takes a look at the memory artefacts left behind by “a user running Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) on an external USB drive to access webmail, and a Tor hidden service.” Memory Forensics &Tor Igor and Oleg at Cyber Forensicator examine the artefacts created by the “pCloud desktop application […]