Week 18 – 2018




  • Yuri Gubanov at Belkasoft is hosting a webinar on Instant Messenger Forensics on May 8. “The webinar will cover several most popular messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, SnapChat and Skype. We will also discuss SQLite and RAM forensics and review how Belkasoft Evidence Center (BEC) can help you with chat forensics.”
    Belkasoft Webinar Registration

  • Joshua James at Digital Forensic Science advises that the CFP for ICDF2C 2018 has been extended.
    ICDF2C 2018 Extended Call for Papers




  • Alexis Brignoni has started a new blog translating DFIR articles into Spanish for those that need it. He has put out a call to the community to contribute articles and hopefully can help the readers build up their capabilities.
    Check out @AlexisBrignoni’s Tweet!

  • Ashley Hernandez at Blackbag Technologies demonstrates how to use the “Gray to Black” application “to prepare a GrayKey zip for ingestion into BlackLight or Mobilyze.”
    Gray To Black: Analyzing Graykey Images In Blacklight Or Mobilyze

  • There were a couple of posts on the CCL blog this week
    • Richard Walker made comment about a recent examination that they had conducted on a mobile device. Thinking out loud, it would be good to look into the different PDF viewers on iOS/Android and see which ones store recently accessed document lists.
      Mobile Device Lab – Defence Case Examination
    • Alex Caithness walks through some of the testing that has been done on the new Timeline feature in the recent Windows 10 update.
      Windows 10 Timeline Forensic Artefacts

  • Brett Shavers at DFIR.Training comments of methods of identifying the right tool for your circumstances.
    The Best DFIR tools

  • There’s a post on the Finding Vulnerabilities blog on how to enable logging in PowerShell 5 for Windows 7.
    Enabling Powershell 5 LOGGING for Windows 7

  • Johann Hofmann at Griffeye discusses the “limitations for investigators working in silos”. He explains that “a collaborative and integrated approach that will help teams move through their cases quickly is as important as building great tools in the first place”
    Using technology to get results: Think outside the silo

  • Christa Miller at Magnet Forensics posted the answers to further questions asked about the connections feature of Axiom.
    Connections in Magnet AXIOM Q&A Part 2

  • Scar de Courcier describes her experience with publishing a book recently and gives some advice for those looking to do the same in the future.
    Finding A Publisher For Your Book


And that’s all for Week 18! If you think I’ve missed something, or want me to cover something specifically hit me up through the contact page or on the social pipes!

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