Week 47 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES ExifTool was updated to version 10.36 (production release) adding support for new tags, and fixing some bugs. Nov. 24, 2016 – Version 10.36 (production release) Didier Stevens updated his base64dump Python script to version 0.0.5 to support additional encodings (hexadecimal (hex), \u unicode (bu) and %u unicode (pu)) Update: base64dump.py Version 0.0.5 A […]

Week 46 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES Magnet Forensics updated Axiom to version 1.0.7. The update adds support for the Pebble Watch app (iOS/Android), extracting artefacts from RAR containers, improved  localization and language support as well as various other artefacts. Magnet AXIOM Now Supports Pebble Watch, LINE for Android, Artifacts from RAR Containers, and More Magnet also updated Internet Evidence […]

Week 45 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES ExifTool was updated to 10.33 (developmental release) adding support for new tags, and minor bug fixes ExifTool 10.33 Paul Sanderson released version 3.1.7b of Forensic Browser for SQLite to fix a couple of bugs. 3.1.7b Mark Woan updated lookuper to version 0.0.7) with support for https://haveibeenpwned.com/ data Check Out Woanware’s Tweet AccessData updated […]

Week 44 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES Philippe Lagadec has updated oletools to version 0.50 including updates to olevba, mraptor, mraptor_milter, rtfobj and setup, as well as Python 3 support. OLETools Readme GetData’s Forensic Explorer was updated to version v3.9.4.5950 with some minor bug fixes, and minor GUI and translation improvements. Download Forensic Explorer FireEye’s FLOSS has been updated to […]