Week 35 – 2022

Cado SecurityAWS EC2 Incident Response CovertshellDFIR triage and Timeline Analysis Danus MinimusThe guide for a freeloader Threat Intelligence Analyst and Malware Researcher Digital Forensic ForestBlue Team Cheat Sheets Digital Forensics Myanmar NTFS Index Attributes B-Trees (NTFS) IOS Crash & Sysdiagnose Log – PDF Oleg Afonin at ElcomsoftLow-Level Extraction of iOS 15.2-15.3.1 Forensafe ArtiFast ShimCache Parser […]

Week 34 – 2022

BelkasoftSQLite Forensics with Belkasoft X Cyber TriageWhat is a Windows Recents Folder Artifact? Joshua I. James at DFIRScienceiLEAPP and RLEAPP updates and dev thoughts Elcomsoft Probing Linux Disk Encryption: LUKS2, Argon 2 and GPU Acceleration Breaking Windows Passwords: LM, NTLM, DCC and Windows Hello PIN Compared Erik Hjelmvik at NetresecWhat is PCAP over IP? ForensafeLast […]

Week 33 – 2022

Jessica Hyde at HexordiaCreating Synthetic Test Data Asger SGeolocating IP addresses in Velociraptor Gary Warner at CyberCrime & Doing TimeThree UK-based Nigerian BEC Scammers Used Construction Intelligence Service to Target Victims Joshua I. James at DFIRScienceModular artifact scripts coming to iLEAPP Muhammed AygÞnBAM/DAM Analizi N00b_H@ck3rLetsDefend: Memory Dumper Oxygen ForensicsExtract Data from OnlyFans App with Oxygen […]

Week 32 – 2022

AxelaratorCloud Recon BelkasoftBelkasoft CTF July 2022: Write-up Carlos at Carlos Cajigas at ‘Mash That Key’Velociraptor Playground 2022-08-02 CloudbrothersUpdate to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint exclusions Cyber TriageWhat is a Windows OpenSave MRU Artifact? Yogesh Khatri at DFRWSDFRWS APAC 2022 Call for participation Elcomsoft Windows Hello: No TPM No Security New in Elcomsoft […]