Week 30 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES Evimetry was updated to version 2.1.2 with some bug fixes and acquisition improvements. Release 2.1.2 Blackbag released Blacklight 2016 R2 with a host of new updates; improved offline maps, additional email parsing and analysis, a new data ingestion user interface and the ability to tear-off the ‘File Content Viewer’ and more. The post […]

Week 29 – 2016

 SOFTWARE UPDATES Philippe Lagadec has updated oleobj.py and rtfobj.py in his OLE Tools project to version 0.48. OLE Tools Magnet Forensics updated IEF to version 6.8.1, which mainly includes improved app support and updates, and bug fixes. . Oxygen Forensic has updated their Detective product to version 8.5.0. This includes updated whatsApp and Apple Wallet support, […]

Week 28 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES A couple weeks ago Guidance released EnCase 7.13. This is the last update for encase 7. It mainly contained bug fixes. . Exiftool was updated to version 10.23 (development release). This update added some new tags and file support, as well as a new commandline option, and the “ability to geotag only GPS […]

Week 27 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES ExfiTool was updated to version 10.22. This update adds read support for BPG images, minor changes to a few of the new Nikon tags and updated the Windows version to include all 10.21 updates. ExifTool 10.22 Andrilla updated to version, adding support for several WhatsApp backup databases, GUI improvements, and various bug […]

Week 26 – 2016

SOFTWARE UPDATES Cellebrite updated UFED Physical Analyzer to version 5.1.2. This update adds support for the crypt12 WhatsApp backup database and addresses various bug fixes. UFED Physical Analyzer Version 5.1.2 Maintenance Release Oxygen Forensics released an update to their Detective product, now at version 8.4.2, improving support for newer versions of various apps and numerous […]