Week 8 – 2016

Week 8! Software Updates: Paul Sanderson made an update to Forensic Browser for SQLite with a few bug fixes. It’s now at version 2.7.5 (although the forum post says not yet released) FTK Imager has been updated to version 3.4.2. This update was mainly bug fixes but the major takeaway is that AD1’s are created […]

Week 7 – 2016

Week 7! Software Updates: DME Forensics updated DVR Examiner a couple weeks ago to 19.0 and I forgot to mention it. Then they released a minor update to 1.19.1 last week (that I also didn’t mentioned, apologies). The latest version adds a few more file systems (bn_MBR, SA_X and SA_x_264, ef_JPG and SSF0_P) and fixed […]

Week 6 – 2016

week 6 Software Updates: Eric Zimmerman added a few new switches to bstrings (now at version 1.0) to allow a user to specify an ASCII/unicode character range and code page. You are also now able to supply a file mask i.e. *.exe. bstrings 1.0 released! CRU has updated their write blocker testing utility to version […]

Week 5 – 2016

  Tool updates Harlan has updated the samparse plugin for regripper. I e-mailed him during the week with a SAM file and a request and he had the plugin updated overnight. The new plugin extracts the values that are created when a user has created or link an account with a Microsoft Live account. As Harlan has […]