Week 13 – 2022

Ahmed MusaadAnalyse Large Log Files Using ELK Andrew MalecAnyDesk Remote Access Benjamin Bruppacher at Compass SecurityVPN Appliance Forensics Dr Brian Carrier at Cyber TriageCyber Triage Lite – Analyzing User Activity Oleg Afonin at ElcomsoftSimplifying Digital Triage with Bootable Forensic Tools ForensafeInvestigating Page File URL’s Forensic-Research[논문리뷰] 이메일 원격지 압수·수색의 적법성에 관한 소고 – 대법원 2017.11.29. 선고 […]

Week 12 – 2022

Andy SmithForensic Analysis of Citymapper for Android Belkasoft BelkaCTF “Kidnapper Case” write-up The case of a missing girl and the power of a memory dump ForensafeInvestigating Logon Banner Geri at ‘4n6 Ninja’(Air)Dropping some Knowledge: Using  RLEAPP to Identify the Phone Number Used in an AirDrop Transfer Google Workspace UpdatesView more information on email delegate activity […]

Week 11 – 2022

Amber Schroader at Cyber Social HubExpectations of Facebook Data Dr. Brian Carrier at Cyber TriageCyber Triage Lite – Network, Disk Image, and Memory Inputs Krzysztof Gajewski at CyberDefNerd Battery charge level and its importance in forensics investigations. Quick analysis of the Internet Download Manager history using RegRipper plugins. Digital Forensics MyanmarFTK Imager ကိုဘာလို့နမူနာထားပြတာလဲ ForensafeInvestigating Windows […]

Week 10 – 2022

Kevin Ripa at SANSThe Truth About USB Device Serial Numbers – (and the lies your tools tell) Kibaffo33Decoding Vaulty Dr. Neal Krawetz at ‘The Hacker Factor Blog’Information Warfare ForensafeInvestigating ThumbCache Forensic-ResearchVirtualBox 가상머신의 메모리 덤프 추출 Magnet Forensics Analysis of Hikvision Date/Time DFIR in Zero-Trust Environments: Utilizing AXIOM Cyber for Remote Collection with Zscaler Data Recovery […]

This Month In 4n6 – February – 2022

A monthly wrap-up of the DFIR news for February 2022. Thank you to those Patreon donors for the last month. This project takes a lot of time, so it’s very much appreciated that people see enough value in it to contribute back 🙂 If you are a Patreon donor the show notes will be found here. Special […]