Week 12 – 2016

Week 12! I’ve had to cut this week short by a day because of other commitments, but I’ll just add the rest to next weeks update. Software updates Adam at Hexacorn updated dexray to version 0.6. The update adds support avast quarantine files. DeXRAY – Update Oxygen forensics detective has updated to version 8.3. The […]

Week 11 – 2016

Week 11! Software updates Eric Zimmerman updated his AppCompatCacheParser to version This included package updates and some clean up AppCompatCacheParser v0.0.7.0 Paul Sanderson updated Forensic Browser for Sqlite to version 2.7.6. This update includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes New release 2.7.6 – lots of enhancements X-ways 17.4 SR7 has been released […]

Week 10 – 2016

Week 10! Software Updates: Craig Wilson at Digital Detective has updated his Blade file carving tool to version 1.12 and added a few new features and bug fixes. The main features are improved carving of OLE2 and ZIP files. I’m not sure if Datadump was previously part of blade but Wilson explains it’s a standalone […]

Week 9 – 2016

Week 9! Software Updates: Sumuri have updated Paladin Edge64 to version 6.08, to support newer technologies such as nvRAM and eMMC flash drives found in popular products such as the newer MacBooks and HP Stream computers. PALADIN (64-bit) – Version 6.08 Passware updated to 2016 v.2 with a few new features including data acquisition from […]