Week 39 – 2022

Chris Vance at ‘D20 Forensics’ iOS 16 – “Paul unsent a message.” … OR DID HE?! iOS 16 – Now You ‘C’ It, Now You Don’t — Breaking Down The Biomes Part 1 Krzysztof Gajewski at CyberDefNerdC:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Event Viewer\ExternalLogs – artifacts showing what Windows Event Logs were opened on the suspected device. Joseph Moronwi at Digital […]

Week 38 – 2022

Digital Forensics Myanmar Digital Forensics Myths & Reality DFIR Field Mistake How To Use Forensics Reader And Viewer Joseph Moronwi at Digital InvestigatorFile Signature And Hash Analysis Oleg Afonin at ElcomsoftEntering DFU: iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X Forensafe Investigating WordPad Recent Files Investigating Windows Startup Programs Forensics [Insider]Basic Concepts in Mobile Device Forensics […]

Week 37 – 2022

Jessica Hyde at HexordiaPeer Review for Mobile Forensics Joseph Moronwi at Digital InvestigatorFile Carving In Windows Forensafe Investigating Microsoft Management Console (MMC) MRU Investigating WordPad Recent Files Lina Lau at InversecosForensic Detection of Files Deleted via SDelete Magnet ForensicsWhat is MRU (Most Recently Used)? Mattia Epifani at Zena ForensicsAndroid Forensics References: a curated list Muhammed […]

Week 36 – 2022

Alican KirazThreat Hunting for Windows Registry Blake ReganPicking the right gear for your DFIR write-blocker kit Derek EiriAssembling a Go-Bag, Re: Write Block Options? Joseph Moronwi at Digital InvestigatorUsing The Wayback Machine For OSINT Forensafe Investigating WinZip Investigating Swap File URL’s ForensiumFirmware extraction from BT headset 2 InfoSec Write-upsS3 Bucket: Cloud Trail Log Analysis Kevin […]