Week 26 – 2022

Patrick Bennett at CrowdStrikeThe Call Is Coming from Inside the House: CrowdStrike Identifies Novel Exploit in VOIP Appliance Cyber Social HubHow To Use ExifTool To Look At Metadata Digital Forensics Myanmar eCDFP Module (5) File System Analysis (Part-6)  (NTFS File System Analysis) OSINT Critical Thinking For Social Media Elcomsoft checkm8 Extraction: the iPads, iPods, and […]

Week 25 – 2022

Lee Whitfield has opened the nominations for the Forensic 4cast awards for another week; get your last minute nominations in now!Forensic 4:cast Awards – Update Didier StevensDiscovering A Forensic Artifact Digital Forensics Myanmar How the Federal Government Buys Our Cell Phone Location Data By  BENNETT CYPHERS  (Myanmar Translation) Solid State Drive (SSD) Structure & Forensics […]

Week 24 – 2022

Asger SCreating Standalone Artifact Collector Belkasoft How to use Advanced Filters with Belkasoft X The importance of fully charged devices in your digital forensic investigation Digital Forensics Myanmar eCDFP Module (5) File System Analysis (Part-5) #DVR_NVR_Forensics Oleg Afonin at ElcomsoftFilling the Gaps: iOS 14 Full File System Extracted ForensafeInvestigating Windows LogFile Ian Whiffin at DoubleBlakiOS16iMessage […]

Week 23 – 2022

4DiscoveryCase Study: The Executive Stealing Company Data Cado SecurityTales From the Honeypot: WatchDog Evolves With a New Multi-Stage Cryptojacking Attack Dr. Brian Carrier at Cyber TriageCyber Triage Lite – Identifying OS Configuration Luca Ebach at cyber.wtfWindows Registry Analysis – Today’s Episode: Tasks Krzysztof Gajewski at CyberDefNerdHow long was the malicious PowerShell script active on the […]