Week 21 – 2018





  • Someone tweeted out this presentation on Nation State hacking and detection from the recent CRESTCon & IISP Congress Conference and Exhibition, which has uploaded a number of the presentations from the recent event.
    Presentations 2018

  • Dave and Matthew held a Forensic Lunch at the Magnet User Summit this week where they spoke with Jessica Hyde, Jad Saliba, and Heather Mahalik.
    Forensic Lunch: 5/21/18 –

  • Leo Bastidas and Megan Roddie discussed sharing in InfoSec at a recent meetup. Sharing is pretty important to me because otherwise, this site wouldn’t exist.
    Sharing is Caring

  • Sarah Edwards at Mac4n6 shared her presentation slides and demo videos on her recent presentation at BSides NOLA on APFS.
    Presentation Slides & Demo Videos – Getting Saucy with APFS

  • On this week’s Digital Forensic Survival Podcast, Michael described the bash_history file that can be found on Linux/MacOS systems and is a useful pivot point for an investigation.
    DFSP # 118 – .bash_history forensics

  • Richard Davis has released an update to his previous Windows Process Genealogy video to coincide with the recent update to the SANS Find Evil poster.
    Windows Process Genealogy – Update

  • SANS shared Rick Holland’s presentation from the 2018 CTI Summit titled “There Is MOAR To Structured Analytic Techniques Than Just ACH!”
    There Is  MOAR To Structured Analytic Techniques Than Just ACH! – SANS CTI Summit 2018

  • On Talino Talk, Jason spoke with Adam from Samsung about the benefits of using the newer Samsung SSD drives. One of the things that Jason mentioned was how choosing the right equipment can really speed up your acquisition and analysis – one acquisition taking 45 minutes, and another taking 2-3 on the right hardware. This shows that spending a little bit of time thinking about IO/processing speeds may be worth the effort sometimes.
    TALINO Talk ep14




And that’s all for Week 21! If you think I’ve missed something, or want me to cover something specifically hit me up through the contact page or on the social pipes!

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