Week 48 – 2021

Baki Onur Okutucu at 4sysopsManage Activity Logs in Azure using PowerShell Cyber Social HubAndroid Viber Forensics Digital Forensics Myanmar eCDFP  (Disk Drives) – Part (2) eCDFP  (Disk Drives) – Lab SSD Forensics Challenges  (Part-2) SSD Forensics Challenges  (Part-2) SSD Forensics Challenges (Part-2) Forensafe Investigating Evernote Investigating Printers Information Ian Whiffin at DoubleBlakResearching iOS Using ArtEx […]

Week 47 – 2021

Cado SecurityNew ESG Research Reveals 89% of Companies Negatively Impacted by Cloud Cyber-Attacks Prior to Full Investigation Chris Sistrunk, Ken Proska, Glen Chason, and Daniel Kapellmann at MandiantIntroducing Mandiant’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response Framework for Embedded OT Systems Digital Forensics Myanmar eCDFP (Data Representation & File Examination) (Part-3) eCDFP (Data Representation & File Examination) […]

Week 46 – 2021

Angry-Bender’s blog houseDFIR – Final result 1 – Powershell telemetry by Windows AT&T CybersecurityStories from the SOC – Powershell, Proxyshell, Conti TTPs OH MY! Benjamin Bruppacher at Compass SecurityDocker Forensics Digital Forensics Myanmar eCDFP (Data Representation & File Examination) (Part-1) eCDFP (Data Representation & File Examination) (Part-2) Robert Graham at Errata SecurityExample: forensicating the Mesa […]

Week 45 – 2021

BelkasoftMedia files forensics with Belkasoft X Heather Mahalik at Cellebrite Part 1: Walk-Through of Answers to the 2021 CTF – Investigating Heisenberg’s Android Device Part 2: Walk-Through of Answers to the 2021 CTF – Marsha’s PC Dan Maunz at CiscoNew Nexus Forensic Guide Dr. Brian Carrier at Cyber TriageCyber Triage on Azure: DFIR in the […]

Week 44 – 2021

Sol Kavanagh at AWS SecurityForensic investigation environment strategies in the AWS Cloud BelkasoftAndroid Viber Forensics with Belkasoft X Digital Forensics Myanmar Covid Positive Day-1 Day-2 Day-3 Day-4 Day-6 Day-5 Day-7 Day-8 Day-9 Day-10 Day-11 Day-12 Day-13 Day-15 Day-16  (Trusted Platform Module) (TPM) Day-14 Day-18 Day-17 eLearnSecurity Certified Digital Forensics Professional (Ecdfp)  (Introduction To Digital Forensics ) […]

Week 43 – 2021

Andrea Fortuna at ‘So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish’If you’re a fan of Volatility, you’ll love CrowdStrike’s SuperMem Atomic MatryoshkaAutoRun Malware: Why your computer is summoning dark lords after you plugged in that parking lot USB Dr. Brian Carrier at Cyber TriageCyber Triage on Google Cloud: DFIR in the Cloud Forensafe Investigating Sticky […]

Week 42 – 2021

Dr. Neal Krawetz at ‘The Hacker Factor Blog’Proving it now Robert Graham at Errata SecurityFact check: that “forensics” of the Mesa image is crazy Forensafe Investigating Typed Paths Solving HireMe Challenge with ArtiFast Windows Investigating Typed URLs İbrahim BaloğluDosya Tarih Manipülasyonu ve Tespiti (Anti -Forensics & Forensics) Kevin Pagano at Stark 4N6Samsung Power Off Reset […]

Week 41 – 2021

BohopsAnalyzing and Detecting a VMTools Persistence Technique CellebriteComputer Forensics: What Can You Do About Deleted Data? Kamala Kannan at CheckmateWindows Timeline: Putting the what & when together Craig Wilson at Digital DetectiveForensic Analysis of the Zone.Identifier Stream Brendan MccreeshSwimming in the SRUM Forensafe Investigating Outlook Windows Application Investigating Paint MRU Investigating Windows Calendar Forensic-Research [논문리뷰] […]

This Month In 4n6 – September – 2021

A monthly wrap-up of the DFIR news for September 2021. Thank you to those Patreon donors for the last month. This project takes a lot of time, so it’s very much appreciated that people see enough value in it to contribute back 🙂 If you are a Patreon donor the show notes will be found here. Special […]

Week 40 – 2021

BlueteamOpsSuper Charging Bulk DFIR triage with Node-RED, Google Log2timeline & Google Timesketch Forensafe Investigating UserAssist Investigating Google Chrome Web Browser Investigating Windows Run MRU Forensic-ResearchLNK File Structure Analysis Howard Oakley at ‘The Eclectic Light Company’Explainer: Logs InginformaticoForensic challenge losprys I: Presentation, tools and techniques [ENG] Jesse Spangenberger at ‘Cyber Fenix DFIR & Technology’CTF01: Cyberdefenders.org Joshua […]