Week 37 – 2018







  • Matt at Bit of Hex shares a mindmap of useful Volatility commands.
    Mind Mapping Volatility 
  • Brett Shavers has added a Patreon page for DFIR Training, which allows you to support the project and also get access to a few extra perks for doing so. A rule I generally go by; If you get value from a project and would be affected if it went away, then I think it’s worth throwing a few dollars at it (if you’re able to of course).
    DFIR Training is on Patreon! 
  • There were a couple of posts on Forensic Focus this week
  • Magnet Forensics listed a variety of ways to identify a suitable candidate for the Magnet Forensics Community Award. Also, “Nominators also receive a Magnet Forensics prize pack as a thank-you to taking the time to nominate the winner”; having won a couple of these through a couple of CTFs, they’re pretty good prize packs.
    5 Ways to Identify a Candidate for the Magnet Forensics Community Award 
  • Mark Hallman updated the Plaso Cheat Sheet, now at v1.03. Mark let me know that this happened, which is very much appreciated. If you think that I might be missing something, I’m happy to chat about it; it’s entirely possible I’ve missed stuff, it’s also possible that it’s not shared in a way that makes it easy to identify that updates have been made.
    Plaso Cheat Sheet


And that’s all for Week 37! If you think I’ve missed something, or want me to cover something specifically hit me up through the contact page or on the social pipes!

As always, thanks to everyone for their support!

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