Week 1 – 2020

And we’re back! Starting the 5th year of the blog. Thanks to Lodrina for her work on the Threat Hunting and Malware Analysis sections.

A few people have reached out to see how we’re going with the fires which is very much appreciated. Thankfully I live in an area of Sydney that’s very urban so we’re ok save for the poor air quality. A lot of the country isn’t so lucky so I wanted to take a minute to explain the situation.

The effects of the fires can be felt across the country (and even in New Zealand). Millions of acres of land in my state alone have burned; there are around 200 fires currently burning across the country. Reports say almost 20 people have died and it’s estimated that half a billion animals have been killed. Many of the fires are impossible to put out, so people have been advised to pack up what they can and be ready to get out. The images are horrifying.

Various charities are accepting donations, and any donations to the cause would go a long way. I’ve donated to our Rural Fire Service, which is a volunteer-based firefighting agency, who have been battling the fires for months, and will for months to come. We’re only a month into the Summer, and typically February is even hotter – which is insane because at one point one of the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Penrith, was the hottest place on Earth at 48.9C. We even had country-wide average temperatures over 40C for a couple of days in December.

These brave men and women of the RFS have had to sacrifice their time, their jobs, their homes, their holidays to help defend and protect. An Australian comedian, Celeste Barber, has helped raise $20 million for the Rural Fire Service, which is amazing.

If you would like to donate the direct link is here, or through Celeste’s campaign on Facebook.

There are also a variety of other charities that are needing assistance such as The Red Cross, or Wires Wildlife Rescue. Gizmodo has compiled a small list of charities, and Cnet has provided coverage of the situation along with links to various places to donate.

Every cent counts (and with the current exchange rate, even further), and I’ll be throwing all of this months Patreon donations to a worthy cause.








And that’s all for the week! If you think we’ve missed something, or want us to cover something specifically hit us up through the contact page or on the social pipes!

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