Week 11 – 2020

The Forensic 4Cast nominations are closing on May 15, so get your nominations in!
Cellebrite have a post about what they want you to nominate them for, but here’s my take on some of the peoples/companies/tools that deserve a nomination.

Due to the current COVID19 pandemic, SANS has also moved *all* of their classes until June 1 to be SANS Cybercast virtual events. What does this mean? It means that you can take the class of your choosing from the comfort of your own home! No need to travel, no expense reports, no need to wear pants (which is absolutely a requirement for the live events). What this also means is that if you want to take FOR500 with me in May, then you don’t need to travel down to Sydney either. It will be in the timezone that the class was originally meant to run though so something to keep in mind before signing up to a class on the other side fo the world.

Links only again this week, slowing down a bit so I can focus on this exciting news a little more.
Thanks to Lodrina for her work on the Threat Hunting and Malware Analysis sections.

As always, Thanks to those who give a little back for their support!








And that’s all for the week! If you think we’ve missed something, or want us to cover something specifically hit us up through the contact page or on the social pipes!

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