2021 Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap for 2021! Was it better than 2020? Maybe a little?

Down in Sydney we spent a bit longer in lock-down here – 3-4 months I think it was this time around, but otherwise life was “COVID normal”. I can empathise with those that were hit hardest by this all, and thankfully I was in a pretty good position that it didn’t affect me too badly. Hope everyone else managed to survive as best they could through year two of *waves hands widely* all of this.

I’m not confident of travel next year, so maybe 2023 will be the year of return to live teaching/conferences.

Site Stats

The site had slightly less views this year than last, but slightly more viewers which is nice. I did miss two or three podcasts this year though so that rounds it up and it looks like more people are finding value in the project.

One of the new blogs for the year, for the company Forensafe, took the top spot in link clicks by a significant margin. People seem to like the one-shot forensic artefact posts that they’re doing. Otherwise Elcomsoft, Cellebrite, and Andrea Fortuna’s blog had over 1000 clicks across the year.

The podcast is hovering around 1000 downloads a month, which seems good, although I would appreciate some feedback about whether those 1000 folks are actually getting anything from it or am I just talking to myself šŸ™‚

2022 Plans

I can pretend that I have plans for next year for the site, but I don’t really. Safe to say I’m going to continue the way things have been going through all of this year. That is, weekly posts and doing my best to get the podcast out.

I did introduce a new thing for the patreon-ers with regards to compiling all of the links for Log4shell at a faster pace than just once a week. I haven’t heard back whether this is something people are interested in, but in the interest of growing the Patreon, I’m open to hearing from people as to what they would want for their $30+ a year.

For those that give me a few dollars a month, I very much appreciate it. I am trying to not go out to advertisers, so having community support helps.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and more importantly writing. Without a community of folks to share their research and case work then the struggle to keep up would be even harder.

Stay safe and we’ll be returning to scheduled programming on Sunday šŸ™‚

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